How A Psychologist Can Help You To Manage Your Anger

Most people experience feelings of anger and frustration from time-to-time.  But sometimes those feelings can become difficult to control, and explosions of temper can lead to serious problems in your relationships and in your daily life.  But how could a psychologist help you to manage your anger issues?  Read on to find out more. Anger management issues It's perfectly normal for you to feel frustrated and irritable sometimes, but when those feelings erupt into intense, uncontrollable rage that lasts for hours at a time, you could have a problem with anger management. [Read More]

Recruiting for diversity

If you are looking to improve the diversity of your company workforce, it can be very useful to employ a recruitment agency to fill some of your roles. Here are some ways that recruitment companies can help improve your diversity. Blind ads If your company has a reputation for not being particularly diverse, some applicants might self-select out of the recruiting process by not applying to your company at all. By not including your company logo you might find that the pool of applicants that applies for advertised roles is even higher particularly if your reputation is of a non-diverse workforce. [Read More]

Helping out a friend who is applying for a partner visa

If you have a friend that is going through the process of getting their romantic partner a partner visa, you may be called on to offer some support for their application. Here are some useful things you can do to help. Review your social media posts The Department of Immigration is looking for evidence of a shared life and social network, so it can be useful to head back through your social media history and find examples of events you have attended together, as well as any messages that have been shared online whilst the couple has been apart. [Read More]

Three Common Questions About Real Estate Conveyancing

Conveyancing is a legal term used to refer to various legal services offered to those buying and/or selling property. Unfortunately, first-time property investors are often largely unfamiliar with aspects of conveyancing when it comes to real estate transactions. The article below provides answers to three questions that people often have about conveyancing services in relation to property transactions. How Difficult Is DIY Real Estate Conveyancing? Real estate conveyancing is not the typical DIY activity. [Read More]